Summer Reading List

Grade 1 Summer Reading Lists

Suggested Summer Reading List: Early Readers (easier)

Author Title
Morris Hats
Williams I Went Walking
DePaola Andy
Margolis Busy Bear’s Refrigerator
Marzollo Ten Cats Have Hats
Dabcovich Sleepy Bear
Ginsburg The Chick and the Duckling
Hutchins Rosie’s Walk
Hall A Bad, Bad Day
Rylant Puppy Mudge Loves His Blanket
Shaw It Looked Like Spilt Milk
McPhail A Bug, a Bear, and a Boy (series)
Snow Eat Your Peas, Louise
Ward Cookie’s Week
Dodds Wheel Away!
Bridwell Clifford’s Puppy Days
Rockwell Cars
Ziefert Harry Takes a Bath
Morozumi One Gorilla
Peek Roll Over!
Appleby, E. Three Billy Goat’s Gruff
Hillert, Margaret Up, Up, and Away

Dorros, Arthur Alligator Shoes
Rey, Margaret Curious George and the Pizza
Barton, B. Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
Ahlberg Each Peach Pear Plum
Gordon, S. Home for a Puppy
Shaw, N. Sheep in a Jeep
Hill Spot’s First Walk
Jonas, A When You Were a Baby

Van Laan, N The Big Fat Worm
Domanska, J. Busy Monday Morning
Krauss, R. Carrot Seed
Delton, J Cookies and Crutches
Rey, H.A. Curious George
Burningham,J. The Dog
Cowley, Joy The Giant Pumpkin
Long, Erlene Gone Fishing
Ehlert, L. Growing Vegetable Soup
HIllert, Margaret I Like Things
Kimmel, Eric I Took My Frog to the Library
Aliki I Wish I Was Sick, Too
Ziefert Jason’s Bus Ride
Mike and Tony
New House for Mole and Mouse
Nicky Upstairs and Down
Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Puppy
Polushkin, M Mother, Mother I Want Another
Dr. Seuss One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Shulevitz, U. One Monday Morning
Cutting, Brian The Pelican
Titherington, Jean Pumpkin, Pumpkin
Crews, Donald Shortcut
Munsch, R. Show and Tell
Maccarone, G. Soccer Game
Peters, S. Stone Soup
Hutchins, P. Titch
Gelman, Rita Why Can’t I Fly?
Barton, B. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
Ehlert, Lois Feathers For Lunch
Joyce, W. George Shrinks
Carlson, N. I Like Me
Kalan, R. Jump Frog, Jump
Martin, Bill Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You See?
Hoff, Syd Who Will Be My Friends?

Barton,B. Building a House
Robart, R. Cake That Mack Ate
Brown, M. Goodnight Moon
McKissack, Patrick Messy Bessey
Delton, Judy My Mom Made Me Go to Camp
Blume, Judy The Pain and the Great One
Kraus, R Where Are You Going, Little Mouse?

Suggested Summer Reading List: Transition Readers

Author Title
Eastman, P. Are You My Mother?
McPhail, D. Fix It
Fox, Mem Hattie and the Fox
Kraus, R. Milton the Early Riser
Siracusa, C No Mail For Mitchell
Hoff, Syd Oliver
Morris, A. Bread, Bread, Bread
Marinak, E. A Kiss For Little Bear
Giff, P. All About Stacy
Asch, F. Bear’s Bargain
McLeod Bear’s Bicycle
Parish,P. Dinosaur Time
Kent, Jack The Fat Cat
Galdone,P. Henny Penny
Testa IF You Take a Pencil
Kuskin, K. Just Like Everyone Else
Kraus, R. Leo the Late Bloomer
Gramatky, Hardie Little Too
Joosse, Barbara Mama, Do You Love Me?
Wiseman, B. Morris Goes to School
Cazet, Denys Never Spit on Your Shoes
Well, R. Noisy Nora
Giff, Patricia Pickle Puss
Freeman Rainbow of My Own
Jonas A Spot’s Birthday Party
O’Connor Teeny Tiny Woman
Gibbons,G Trucks
Rockwell, A. Trucks
Carle, E. The Very Busy Spider
Lionni, Leo A Color of his Own
Petersen, David Airplanes
Surat, Michele Angel Child, Dragon Child
Giff, P. Best Friends
Candy Corn Contest
Hoff, Syd Barney’s Horse
Danny and the Dinosaur
Monjo, F.N. The Drinking Gourd
Giff, P. Fish Face
Lobel, Arnold Frog and Toad All Year
Rylant, C. Henry&Mudge (series)
Mr. Putter and Tabby (series)
Johnson, Crockett A Picture for Harold’s Room
Holl,A Rain Puddle
Giff, P. Purple Climbing Days
Snaggle Doodles
Spectacular Stone Soup
Stacy Says Good-Bye
Watch Out! Man-Eating Snake
Bonsall,C. And I Mean It, Stanley
Brown, Marc Arthur Babysits
Stoddard, S Bedtime Mouse
Asch,F Bear Shadow
Bread and Honey
Bogart, J Daniel’s Dog
Ginsburg, M Good Morning Chick
Selsam, M. How Kittens Grow
Keats, E. Jenny’s Hat
The Snowy Day
Parish, P Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia
Pollock The Old Man’s Mittens
Herman, G. Otto the Cat
Keats, E Peter’s Chair
Eastman, P Sam and the Firefly
LaSieg, T Ten Apples Up On Top
Dorris, A. This is My House
Cole, J. This is the Place for Me
McGovern, A Too Much Noise
Thaler, Mike A Hippopotamus Ate the Teacher
McPhail, D Bear’s Toothache
Brown, R. Big Sneeze
Martin Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Goldin, A. Ducks Don’t Get Wet
Marshall, J Fox on the Job
Simon, S I Was So Mad!
Minarik, E Little Bear
Brown, M. Little Fireman
Cleary,B. The Real Hole
Lobel,A Small Pig
Cold, J. Bully Trouble
Bonsall, C The Case of the Double Cross
Bridwell, N. Clifford, the Big Red Dog
Bokoske, S. Dolphin
Branley, F. Flash, Crash, Rumble
Numeroff, L If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Kellogg, S. The Island of Skog
Udry,J. Let’s Be Enemies
Osborne,M. Lions At Lunchtime
Lionni, L Little Blue and Little Yellow
Chardiet, M. Martin and the Tooth Fairy
Van Leeuwen, J. More Tales of Oliver Pig
Sharmat, M. Nate the Great:  Pillowcase
Gibbons, G. Weather Words
Allen, P. Who Sank the Boat?
Hoban, L. Arthur’s Pen Pal
Adler Cam Jansen: Mystery of the Monkey
Waddell, M Farmer Duck
Myller, R. How Big is a Foot?
Havill, J Jamaica’s Find
Carter,J. Knock! Knock!
Bornstein, Ruth Little Gorilla
Peterson, J The Littles
Cole,J. Monster Movie
Burningham,J. Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car
Osborne,M Polar Bears Past Bedtime
Ballard, L Reptiles
Henkes, K. Sheila Rae, the Brave
Bliss, C. The Shortest Kid in the World
Penner, L. Snakes
Lexau, J Striped Ice Cream
Hopkins Surprises
Webster,V Weather Experiments

Suggested Summer Reading List: Extending Readers

Author Title
Petty A Day at the Races
dePaola, T Art Lesson
Spinelli, J Bathwater Gang
Dahl, R. Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Enormous Crocodile
The Magic Finger
Davidson, M Five True Horse Stories
Keller, H. Island Baby
Cameron, A Julian, Dream Doctor
Christopher, M. Lucky Baseball Bat
Littledale Magic Fish
Sharmat, M Nate the Great: Snowy Trail
Hayes, G. Secret of Foghorn Island
Donnelly,J. Titanic
Keller, J. Tom Edison’s Bright Idea
Robbins, K Bridges
Parish, P. Cat Burglar
Blume, J. Frecklejuice
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo
Gibbons, G. Frogs
Say, A Grandfather’s Journey
Greer, G. Jason and the Lizard Pirates
dePaola Legend of Old Befana
Cohen,M Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Starring First Grade
Turner, A. Nettie’s Trip South
Cleary, B. Ramona the Brave
Byars, B. Winged Colt of Casa Mia
Fritz, J. Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln
Aliki A Medieval Feast
Hurwitz, J. Baseball Fever
Yolen,J. Commander Toad in Space
Rosner, R. I Hate My Best Friend

Rinkoff, B. The Case of the Stolen Code Book